West of Shetlands
22 September 2016

Loyal appraisal well. The core area of Loyal is a combination down-thrown structural/stratigraphic trap with partially biodegraded 25° API gravity oil in stacked Vaila T34/T35 channel sandstones, with a common oil-water contact at 7,865 ft TVDSS and an up-dip seal against a down to the north E-W trending fault, with reservoir down-thrown against T34 claystones. The 204/20-L9Y well was deviated SSE approximately 2 miles to the southern part of the field, where the main reservoir is the older T31 sand and the well is believed to have been drilled horizontally through this objective. Well was abandoned tight at 16,812 ft (7,110 ft TVDSS) and sidetracked as development well 204/20-L9X.