Central Graben
10 February 2015

2 - Varadero exploration. Tay channel/fan and injectite objectives associated with strong amplitudes. Oil saturation in thin Tay sandstone stringers (injectites) between 4,020 ft and 4,189 ft. Main oilbearing Tay sands 4,233-4,268 ft and 4,308-4,370 ft. Porosity 33% in core. MDT recovered 26.4° API oil. Cromarty below 4,680 ft water-wet.
3 - Catcher North. Tay and Cromarty objectives. Thin-bedded low net/gross Tay at 4,435-4,493 ft. No shows but 20 ft net gas pay from Log and MDT pressures/sample. Oil in three thin Cromarty sands between 4,680 ft and 4,719 ft with 14 ft net pay with 30.0°API MDT sample recovered. Deeper Cromarty sands were water wet.
4 - Burgman deviated exploration with Tay, Cromarty and Fulmar objectives. Well encountered a 78 ft gas column in several thin Middle Tay sands from 3,611 ft MD (3,482 ft TVDSS) to a gas-oil contact (from MDT pressure data) at 3,560 ft TVDSS, with a total of 12 ft of net gas pay. A long oil column was indicated from pressure data in the Lower Tay (420 ft), down to an oil-water contact at 3,980 ft TVDSS, included 10 ft of oil pay, again in a few thin sands. Oil gravity
was 24.3° API. No shows were seen in the Fulmar objective at 5,786–5,865 ft.
4Z - Burgman geological sidetrack deviated south-east to evaluate amplitude anomaly associated with possible Lower Tay channel. Oil in single massive Lower Tay
sandstone at 4,650-4,785 ft (3,689-3,753 ft TVDSS), with net/gross of 1 and 64 ft net oil pay
(TVT). Average porosity 38%, Sw5%. No other Tay sands seen in well. No MDT pressure/samples.