Moray Firth / Witch Ground Graben
1 August 2014

10 - Hobby channel, east flank appraisal well. Punt 2 Sandstone objective was oil bearing from 7,218 ft TVDSS with 25.5 ft net oil pay. From 7,878-7,909 ft TVDSS, DST 1 flowed 2,375 bopd and 0.51 mmcfgpd with 39.4 API oil and a GOR of 215 scf/bbl.
10Z - Hobby channel south-west flank appraisal. Drilled to a downflank location where the well
encountered a water-wet Punt 2 Sandstone at 7,142 ft TVDSS.
10Y - Hobby channel axis appraisal well. Proved oil in Punt 2 Sandstone at 6,969 ft TVDSS with 81.8ft net oil pay. Upper Burns Sandstone was oil bearing from 7,203 ft TVDSS with 27 ft net pay.
11 - Deviated Hobby channel appraisal. Targeted NW area of Punt 2 Sandstone channel, outside of main reservoir fairway. No reservoir development in Punt 2 at 7,229 ft TVDSS. Burns secondary objective was water-wet at 7,404 ft TVDSS
11Z - Deviated Hobby channel appraisal well. Targeted axis of Punt 2 Sandstone channel in NW area. Oil in Punt 2 Sandstone at 7,144 ft TVDSS with 57.5 ft net pay. Burns
Sandstone secondary objective at 7,434 ft TVDSS water-wet with 95.8 ft net sand.