Central Graben
1 August 2014

1 - Catcher/Catcher East exploration well on a tilted fault block structure. Well proved 240 ft oil
column and 90 ft of net oil pay in five Cromarty sand units from 4,601 ft (4,446 ft TVDSS), OWC
at 4,841 ft (4,686 ft TVDSS). MDT sample recovered 31° API oil with a GOR of 280 scf/bbl and
viscosity of 4 cP. 1Z - Catcher East appraisal. Well proved oil in isolated thin injectite sands in the upper part of the Middle Tay from 4,699 ft (4,238 ft TVDSS), and with 82 ft of net oil pay in a 236 ft Tay section in injectite sands of the Middle Tay 1 unit and in a high net/gross Lower Tay sandstone from 5,107 to 5,200 ft (4,527-4,592 ft TVDSS). No oilwater contact seen. MDT oil (31.9° API), gas and water samples were recovered.
1Y - Catcher/Catcher East appraisal well deviated SW to a down-dip location on the tilted fault block structure. The well proved 173 ft TVT oil column in a high quality Cromarty Sandstone from 5,442 ft (4,512 ft TVDSS) with OWC consistent with the discovery well. No MDT survey or DST.