West of Shetlands
1 August 2014

Lancaster appraisal. Faulted anticline with Precambrian (Lewisian) basement objective. Well proved oil saturation in a 45 ft gross Upper Cretaceous (Cenomanian) Commodore
Sandstone. Fractured basement below 4,113 ft TVDSS had oil shows and ODT 5,843 ft TVDSS
(below structural closure). DST 1 (4,834 ft to TD) flowed up to 1,367 bopd of 38° API oil. DST
2 (4,834-5,651 ft) flowed 677 bopd.
4Z - Lancaster appraisal. Faulted anticline, well deviated to the Precambrian (Lewisian) basement objective, structurally high to the main hole. The Commodore Sandstone unit (4,037-4,055 ft TVDSS) and top Lewisian 4,533 ft (4,055 ft TVDSS- TD) had oil shows. DST 1 (4,563-4,950 ft) flowed 38° API oil at 2,465 bopd & 15 bwpd (48/64" choke), GOR 450 scf/bbl. DST 2 (4,563-5,182 ft) flowed 2,885 bopd & 200 bwpd (48/64" choke) with a GOR of 495 scf/bbl.
5 - Whirlwind deviated exploration well on a dip closed structure. Precambrian (Lewisian) basement primary objective in two fault/fracture zones and Lower Cretaceous Valhall limestone as secondary objective. Oil and gas shows in Upper Cretaceous Macbeth Formation limestones (9,538-9,708 ft) and Valhall limestones (9,918 ft). Minor shows in tonalite basement.
5RE - Whirlwind re-entry to test well 205/21a-5. Well tested at poor rates; maximum unstable rate of 23 bopd + 1.6 mmcfgpd on nitrogen lift (52/64" choke) under strong draw-down.