West of Shetlands
31 December 2013

3 - Deviated Rosebank/Lochnagar North exploration. Lower Tertiary Rosebank North dip-closed anticline over deeper Lochnagar North tilted fault block. Upper Paleocene Colsay 2 Sandstone and thin Colsay 3 sand (the primary objective), proved gas/ condensate bearing. Higher Colsay 1 sands were water-wet. MDT gas/ condensate and water samples recovered. MDT tool was lost in the hole and well plugged back for mechanical sidetrack to deeper objective.
3 Z - Mechanical sidetrack to test Lochnagar North, a tilted fault block with Upper Jurassic Rona Sandstone objective. Rona was absent with Lower Jurassic Skerry Group sandstones subcropping Upper Cretaceous (Coniacian) sandstones at 10,367 ft TVDSS. No shows seen.