Moray Firth / Witch Ground Graben
1 September 2013

Brochel appraisal well, located on the eastern flank, 1.4 miles east of discovery well 15/18a-6 ST1 (Shell, 1986). Brochel is a down-faulted terrace structure, separated by a saddle from the Chanter Field, with oil in Piper and Sgiath shallow marine and shoreface sandstones from 12,300 ft to a FWL at 12,640 ft TVDSS. The 15/18a-6 ST1 well encount red a 159 ft oil column with 96 ft of net oil pay with an average porosity of approximately 14%. Of four drill stem tests the best flowed at 1,950 bopd + 2.96 mmcfgpd (GOR 1,530 scf/bbl) with an oil gravity of 43° API. Oil in place is approximately 15 mmbbl.