Moray Firth / Witch Ground Graben
1 September 2013

12Y - Second sidetrack to appraisal well 20/1-12A, located on Buzzard North Terrace, a fault block structure down-thrown against a major E-W to ENE-WSW trending fault to the north, with dip to SE and separated from the main Buzzard field area to the south by a small E-W trending extensional fault. The Buzzard reservoir at the 20/1-12 well location lies at approximately 8,500 ft, and it is likely that the well targeted potentially better quality reservoirs than seen in nearby Well.The original hole was junked and respudded after 16 days. 13 - Buzzard appraisal well located on the eastern edge of the main field area and 3 km east of well 20/1-4 (EnCana, 2005) This well proved oil in high quality, stacked submarine channel sandstones of the Upper Jurassic (Lower Volgian) Buzzard 4 Sandstone from 8,955 ft TVDSS to the field contact at 9,194 ft TVDSS, but was not tested. The 20/1-13 well location lies on an E-W trending extensional fault zone, providing the potential for un-swept reserves in these high net/gross sands in fault segments structurally high to the Buzzard OWC. The 20/1-13 well was abandoned as a tight hole. No details were released.