Central Graben
1 September 2013

Hurricane appraisal; stratigraphic trap in E-W trending Forties channel. Discovery well 29/10-4Z (Shell, 1995) proved 41 ft net oil in the Forties at 9,394-9,434 ft TVDSS (OWC) and in 11 ft net Andrew A1 Sandstone at 9,617 ft TVDSS; 42.6° API oil sample recovered wireline. The 29/10-4 main hole and 29/10-4Y sidetrack proved water. Development planned as part of the Greater Stella project. Reserves estimated at 13 mmbbl oil
equivalent. The 29/10b-8 well proved rich gas/condensate in the Forties and Andrew. Samples were recovered from a 32 ft thick Forties Sandstone (average porosity 28%) with a CGR of 60-100 bbl/mmcf. The Andrew A1 Sandstone was tested at a stable 17 mmcfgpd + 870 bcpd (32/64" choke) and maximum 24 mmcfgpd + 1,200 bcpd (44/64" choke). Condensate gravity was 52° API. The well was then
suspended as a future producer.