Moray Firth / Witch Ground Graben
1 September 2013

2 - Gamma prospect exploration well offset from the main NW/SE trending Lower Eocene Frigg channel system previously drilled by two Norwegian Well. The Frigg primary target, included distal channel/ fan sand facies and injectites (dykes and sills). The Frigg (5,453-5,971 ft TVDSS), included only three thin gas-bearing sands with a GDT at 5,674 ft TVDSS and WUT at 5,956 ft TVDSS. Net pay was 24 ft TVT. The oil column seen in the Nor 24/9-3 well corresponded to claystones in this well. Two massive sandstones in the Balder Formation secondary target were water wet.4, 4Z, 4Y - Deviated Nutmeg exploration. A large tilted fault block with seven stacked geological objectives; the Lower Cretaceous Captain, Carrack, Coracle and Punt sandstones, the Upper Jurassic Burns, and Alness Spiculite and the Upper Permian Findhorn Sandstone. At base Chalk Nutmeg was a three-way dip and fault-closed structure against the South Captain Horst bounding fault. At Cretaceous, Jurassic and Permian level; a two-way dip and fault closed structure against the South Halibut Horst bounding fault, a down to the north and an east-west orientated fault. Well encountered out in the Coracle Sandstone from 3,630-3,802 ft TVDSS (owc) but was junked