West of Shetlands
1 September 2013

11-1 - Exploration well on the Glenrothes prospect, with a planned TD of 14,108 ft (4,300 m), in a water depth of 3,835 ft. Probable gas/condensate objective in Upper Paleocene (Vaila/Lamba) fan sandstone. Possible objectives low-relief dip-closure at T35-T38 level and T22 amplitude anomaly/pinch-out. Well was
abandoned as a tight hole. As it was planned to suspend the well if successful, this may indicate that it was dry. 17-3 - Exploration well on the Cragganmore prospect, with a planned TD of 4,300 m (14,108 ft) TVDSS and in a water depth of 2,211 ft. Probable Upper Paleocene (Vaila Formation) objective. Cragganmore lies along the Vaila T35 pinch-out trend developed along the north-western flank of the Flett Ridge and with the Tormore, Laggan and Torridon gas/condensate fields to the south-west. Likely objective of the 208/17-3 well was the Vaila T35 Sandstone in a stratigraphic trap with pinch-out down-dip of the 208/17-1 location, although the well is located on a T38 Lamba (Westerhouse Sandstone) fault block and the planned TD indicates that a deeper, Lower Paleocene T10 section (Sullom Formation) was drilled.