Southern North Sea
1 December 2003

Two recently released wells, 42/9-1 and 42/13-2 are located along the north-western margin of the Permo-Triassic Anglo-Dutch Basin, beyond the limit of proven commercial gas discoveries in the Upper Carboniferous and Lower Permian Leman. The few wells that have been drilled in this area have targeted two principle reservoir objectives; the Lower Triassic Bunter Sandstone (wells 42/10a-1, 42/14-1, 42/15b-1 and 42/18-1) and the Carboniferous (Namurian and Dinantian) fl uvio-delatic sandstones subcropping the base Permian unconformity (42/10b-2, 42/13-1, 42/15a-2).