Play Review and Exploration Potential
1 September 2015

The Moray Firth deep water rift basin is the western arm to the North Sea triple rift system formed as a result of late Jurassic to early Cretaceous crustal extension. The Moray Firth region is divided into two rift basin systems. This study addresses exploration potential in the western basin, the Inner Moray Firth, with particular attention given to the Wick Sub-Basin and the Caithness Basin, where a valid play is present, but seismic and well data are spars. The Wick Sub-Basin is down-thrown against the Caithness Ridge by the Wick Fault, the northern bounding fault to the basin. West of the Wick Sub-Basin, the Caithness Basin is downthrown to the west against the Helmsdale Fault.