Viking Graben
25 January 2016

Exploration well and appraisal sidetracks on the Callater prospect, a NE-SW trending tilted fault block structure with a Beryl Formation objective at 11,650 ft to a most likely spill point 12,044 ft TVDSS. The main hole was located on the northern flank, and encountered oil in the Beryl and in Lower Jurassic Nansen sandstones which were a deeper secondary target. The appraisal sidetrack 9/19b-18Z was deviated to the west and down-flank to a separate fault compartment and encountered oil in the Beryl. 9/19b-18Y well is believed to have been drilled to a separate fault block (ST2) on the crest of Callaster and may have been junked with the 9/19b-18X well then drilled to the same objective.