Southern North Sea
10 March 2016

An appraisal well on the Grove Field. Grove is a WNW-ESE trending fault block structure bounded by reverse faults and separated from the Cutter Field by a NW-SE trending graben. Two NNE trending faults divide the structure into three main compartments. Well 49/10-1, drilled by Shell in 1971 within the central compartment, proved minor sand development (10 ft gross) within the Silverpit Formation and 110 ft net of aeolian, fluvial and lake margin sabkha sandstones in the Lower Leman Sandstone from 10,955–11,191 ft. The 49/10a-9 well, drilled NE of the 49/10-1 well, tested the central fault block at a down-dip with a Lower Ketch objective. The well was suspended as a tight hole.