West of Shetlands
10 March 2016

Well 206/12a-5 is a Clair Field appraisal well; the sixth to be drilled in 2013 and 2014 as part of the
Phase III appraisal programme. Clair is a large faulted anticline structure developed over the crest of the NE-SW trending Rona Ridge. Over the crest of this ridge, and along the north-western flank, Precambrian (Lewisian) crystalline basement is overlain by a variable thickness of Devono-Carboniferous fluvial sandstones (Clair Group), which unconformably underlies Upper Cretaceous claystones, sandstones and limestones of the Shetland Group. The well is located on a fault block structure at the southern end of the Clair Field. The 206/12a-5 well was abandoned tight with a TD of 7,717 ft.