Central Graben
24 March 2016

Exploration well 28/9a-5 on the Carnaby prospect, targeted the Tay Sandstone Member and the Cromarty Sandstone Member was a secondary objective. The top of the Lower Tay had over 50 ft of net oil pay and the lower part of the Lower Tay also encountered 1 ft of net pay. The Cromarty Sandstone was water-wet. Exploration well 28/9a-6 and 6Z targeted Bonneville West and Bonneville East in Lower Tay injectite sandstones. Both the main hole and sidetrack encountered gas and oil pay in the Middle and Upper Tay Sandstone, these discoveries were not in communication. Oil was also encountered in a 4 ft basal Balder sand and a 9 ft Cromarty Sandstone.