Southern North Sea
14 April 2016

Wingate appraisal to block 4E; pilot hole for horizontal production well. Well was drilled to 9,334 ft in Zechstein 3, but magnetic data indicated proximity to the 44/24b-A1 production well and the A2 well was abandoned and sidetracked. Magnetic interference was subsequently proved to be from basalt intrusives. Well 44/24b-A2Z was deviated NW, the Lower Ketch objective proved absent, with a thin unit of tight sandstones (Lower Leman) overlying Westphalian A claystones at 13,551 ft (12,194 ft TVDSS). Gas was proved in several Caister sand units with gas down to 12,343 ft TVDSS and porosities between 8–16%.