East Irish Sea
12 May 2016

The 110/7b-9 exploration well drilled the J prospect targeting the Ormskirk Sandstone, which was 170 ft deep to prognosis and was water wet with no shows. Appraisal well 110/12a-9 on Corfe Field encountered the Ormskirk objective 186 ft low to prognosis, with the oil water contact at 2,478 ft (2,298 ft TVDSS). Wells 110/12a-9Z and 9Y were drilled to evaluate a southern extension of Conwy oil discovery. Sidetrack 110/12a-9Z was 311 ft deep to prognosis and below the proven Conwy oil-water contact, the well was dry. Sidetrack 110/12a-9Y was oil saturated in the Ormskirk, the WUT and top reservoir were both 10 ft deep to prognosis, confirming the velocity model. Wells 110/12a-C5 and
C5Z were deviated to confirm oil reserves in two fault compartments north of the Conwy discovery well, 110/12a-C5 encountered oil down to 6,755 ft (2,593 ft TVDSS) in the Ormskirk and 110/12a-C5Z drilled an oil down to 4,874 ft (2,584 ft TVDSS) and water up to 4,905 ft (2,605 ft TVDSS).