Central Graben
27 October 2016

Culzean appraisal with Joanne and Pentland objectives. Main hole proved a full hydrocarbon column in Fulmar, Pentland and Joanne from 14,597 ft but was junked with BHA/drill string in hole. Sidetrack 22/25a-10Z proved a 1,267 ft hydrocarbon column and gas-water contact at 15,864 ft (15,703 ft TVDSS). DST in Upper Joanne flowed 39.6 mmscfgpd + 1,000 bpd 49° API condensate and in Pentland 38.6 mmscfgpd + 600 bpd 44° API condensate. 22/25a-10Y deviated NE with Fulmar/Pentland objectives in a down-dip wedge. Fulmar in siltstone facies. Pentland at 16,403 ft (15,211 ft TVDSS) and Joanne were water-wet.