Central Graben
27 October 2016

Deviated appraisal well located crestally on the Hurricane discovery with oil as the primary objective in ponded Rogaland (Sele Formation) turbidite sandstones in a stratigraphic pinch-out. The Andrew A1 Sandstone was a secondary target. Rogaland, at 10,057 ft was 30 ft gross with hydrocarbons in the upper of two sand units and two gas/condensate samples recovered. Two sand units in the Andrew from 10,243–10,289 ft had hydrocarbons from logs, with 20 ft gross sand, a net/gross of 0.85 and average porosity of 26%. Gas/condensate samples were recovered from the lower sand, which flowed 16.9 mmcfgpd + 870 bcpd on test (32/64" choke). A planned test on the Rogaland sand was not conducted and the well suspended.