Southern North Sea
15 November 2016

Deviated Leman South appraisal/production well, targeting south-eastern culmination on NW-SE trending fault block structure with Leman prognosed 6,506 ft TVDSS. Main hole was junked due to seabed scouring around the spud can and re-spudded. Well 53/2a-14A was sidetracked due to excessive dog-legging in Bunter. Well 53/2a-14Z kicked off at 5,930 ft and drilled on an inclination of 29° with Leman at 7,432 ft (6,617 ft TVDSS), with a 198 ft vertical gas column and 186 ft TVT net reservoir with average porosity 18% and Sw 37%. The well was flowed to clean up at an estimated rate of 25 mmcfgpd (48/64" choke), a subsea tree installed and suspended.