West of Shetlands
15 November 2016

Slightly deviated appraisal on the northern flank of the Cambo oil and gas discovery. Primary objective was the Main Hildasay Sandstone, with secondary targets in Upper and Lower Hildasay and deeper sands and volcanics. The main hole encountered oil in the Lower Eocene (basal Balder) T50 Sandstone and in the Upper Hildasay Sandstone. All sands encountered showed high porosity and permeability. The sidetrack was a horizontal appraisal deviated south west with the Hildasay Main objective at 9,100 ft. A gravel pack
completion was run in the Hildasay Main from 9,238–9,785 ft, across sands showing best permeability. Due to prolonged adverse weather, the planned well test was not conducted and the well was suspended.