Moray Firth / Witch Ground Graben
27 March 2017

Exploration well on the Stephenson prospect, interpreted as a NE-SW trending basal Cretaceous Punt Sandstone channel at 5,300–5,700 ft. Deeper objectives included an possible underling Upper Burns channel a lower Burns wedge ("Porthos") and a geobody within the Ettrick. The well encountered a thin, non-reservoir Punt equivalent at 5,787 ft (206 ft deep to prognosis) draped over an Upper Burns channel at 5,843 ft, with 257.5 ft net sandstone. Good sand development seen in the Porthos wedge at 6,438 ft (203 ft gross; 179 ft net), but with no significant sand in the Ettrick. No shows above OBM were reported and no significant saturations logged.