Moray Firth / Witch Ground Graben
27 March 2017

Appraisal wells on the Balloch Field, drilled to define reservoir uncertainties ahead of fast track field development. Balloch is an east-west trending fault block tilted to the south with the Piper Sandstone reservoir tilted to the south. The main hole proved a 128 ft gross TVT good quality Piper with a 116 ft oil column from 8,219 ft TVDSS to an oil-water contact at 8,335 ft TVDSS towards the base of the sand. Oil and water samples were recovered. Well 15/20a-19Z tested the crest with the Piper absent and Valhall overlying Old Red Sandstone at 8,098 ft TVDSS. A production well, 15/20a-19X was subsequently drilled, completed and placed on production.