Viking Graben
6 April 2017

Deviated appraisal well on the eastern flank of the Cairngorm basement oil discovery (16/3a-11Z) to evaluate oil saturation deep to structural closure and deliverability of fractured granodiorite. The main hole was junked at 5,670 ft in the Horda Formation with the
13 3/8" casing hanger set high. The 16/3d-16Z sidetrack, deviated to the south, encountered poor quality oil shows in thin Valhall claystones and in granite wash below the top basement unconformity (8,101 ft). Core and FMI scanner showed extensive open fracturing with fracture porosity of approximately 5%. and oil saturation, but with TD in an aquifer. The well was suspended after running a completion. The licence was subsequently surrendered.