Viking Graben
4 May 2017

Appraisal well, but targeting the undrilled Kraken North prospect, a Heimdal III mound with associated injectites. The well, which was deviated to the NE encountered oil in two thick injectite sands at 3,742–3,770 ft TVDSS and 3,808–3,839 ft TVDSS and in the Heimdal III mound at 3,942–3,998 ft TVDSS, to an oil-water contact at 3,988 ft TVSS, with a total 94 ft TVT of net oil pay with an average porosity of 33.1% and Sw of 16.3%. Oil samples were recovered with oil gravities of 15.3–15.9° API and viscosity of 60–77 cP