Central Graben
13 June 2017

Exploration well on the Dalziel prospect, a faulted relay structure with lateral seal of the Fulmar against Smith Bank to the east and dip-closure to the west. Main hole was drilled vertically on the crest and proved a full oil column in a 222.5 ft gross Fulmar at 13,564 ft TVDSS with 66 ft net pay and average porosity of 17.5%. On test flowed 5,300 bopd + 11.1 mmcfgpd with oil gravity of 41–42° API. Down-dip sidetrack 22/16-6Z to the NW proved 247 ft TVT gross Fulmar, but water-wet at 14,341 ft TVDSS. Well 22/16-6Y tested the west flank, with Fulmar water-wet at 13,632 ft TVDSS.