Central Graben
13 June 2017

Romeo prospect. Dip-closed Upper Jurassic sediment pod with Fulmar objective. Hydrocarbons encountered in thin-bedded Heather sandstones below 13,204 ft (51.5 ft net pay). Oil in Fulmar from 13,869 ft to oil-water contact at 14,100 ft (13,939 ft TVDSS) with 72 ft net pay with average porosity 14.4%. Separate oil column in Judy Sandstone from 18,810 ft to oil-water contact between 15,058 ft and 15,066 ft (14,818–14,826 ft TVDSS); 88.5 ft net pay and porosity 11.1%. All sands very fine-grained and generally well cemented with very poor permeability from log and RCX data, but oil samples recovered at 13,898 ft and 14,932 ft.