West of Shetlands
13 June 2017

Exploration well on North Uist, a large NE-SW trending fault block structure on the Corona Ridge with a pre-Cretaceous objective. Cardhu was the secondary objective, with an Upper Paleocene dip-closure and Colsay equivalent sandstones draped over the deeper structure. The well was junked five times in the Lower Tertiary or Upper Cretaceous, but proved the Cardhu objective reservoir absent. The 213/25c-1V well drilled North Uist successfully, with 69 ft of Lower Jurassic overlying 2,577 ft Clair Group sandstones from 13,087 ft to TD. Good gas shows seen in the upper part, with gas/condensate samples recovered down to 13,318 ft. Poor reservoir quality meant that fluid contacts could not be picked.