Moray Firth/Witch Ground Graben
30 November 2017

Buzzard North Terrace appraisal. Pinch-out play in Buzzard B4 sandstone. Main hole junked and re-spudded with 20/1-12A proving 77.4 ft TVT net oil sand at 8,748 ft TVDSS in B4 Sandstone. Lower sand unit showed significant rate/pressure depletion on test but upper sand flowed at sustained rate with maximum 6,986 bopd . Oil gravity 37° API. Sidetrack 20/1-12Z deviated east towards pinch-out with 34.7 ft net oil pay at 9,057 ft TVDSS. Sidetrack 20/1-12Y deviated down-dip to SE to locate oil-water contact. Top B4 Sandstone at 9,104 ft TVDSS and oil-water contact at 9,131 ft TVDSS. Proved 32.5 ft net pay with pressure depletion from Buzzard production. Well suspended as future water injector.