Central Graben
6 December 2017

Bligh appraisal on N flank of salt-cored anticline to locate oil-water contact in Puffin (Fulmar)/Pentland primary objective and evaluate possible reservoir in Kimmeridgian aged sands (Fulmar/Christian). Thin, tight sandstones in Christian equivalent and no sand in Lower Kimmeridgian. Top Puffin at 14,721 ft with 40 ft gross section and 19.5 ft of net gas/condensate pay average porosity15.8% and high water saturations (50%) resulting from poor quality reservoir. Possible saturation in Pentland at 14,770 ft, in very poor quality reservoir, with 6.5 ft net and porosity 12.4%. Well flowed gas and condensate at very low, unstable rate. Surface samples acquired. BHT 332° F, pressure 13,700 ft psi at 14,955.5 ft TVDSS (0.92 psi/ft).