Central Graben
6 December 2017

Appraisal wells on eastern Aviat discovery, defined by amplitude anomalies in Lower Pleistocene glacial outwash sandstone, to confirm gas to supply Forties Field platforms. Main hole deviated SE to low amplitude target (Aviat 2 South) with 23 ft net gas sand at 3,058 ft (2,814 ft TVDSS). First sidetrack deviated NW to separate, strong amplitude anomaly (Aviat 2 North). Reservoir at 3,106 ft (2,809 ft TVDSS) was gas-bearing and was fully cored. Second sidetrack twinned 22/7a-6Z to run EWT. Reservoir at 3,086 ft (2,807 ft TVDSS) was tested through sand screens at up to 18 mmcfgpd; 13 day test, with 11 day pressure build-up.