Viking Graben
21 February 2018

Sween prospect HPHT gas/condensate appraisal/exploration well. Primary Middle Oxfordian (J52) appraisal objective in amplitude defined lobe on E flank of West Frigg Sub-basin, down-dip of 4/26-1A discovery well (gas-down to 16,015 ft TVDSS) with shale-out to N and S, and dip-closure to west. Deeper exploration objectives on separate seismically defined lobes (Lobes B and D) in Oxfordian/Callovian. Estimated mean pre-drill reserves 170 mmbbl OE. Anticipated formation pressure 14,214–14,794 psi, temperature 163–175° C. Well abandoned tight, but with rumoured non-commercial gas in the objective.