Viking Graben
21 February 2018

Exploration well 9/11a-15 located down-dip of proven oil east of Mariner Field to test undrilled low-relief Balmoral Sandstone lobe (Segment 9) with oil-water contact prognosed at 4,961 ft TVDSS. Heimdal injectite possible additional objective. Drilled vertically with planned TD 5,397 ft (5,266 ft TVDSS). Plugged back and 9/11a-15Z sidetracked to SE with planned TD 5,614 ft (5,299 ft TVDSS). Statoil report two oil-filled sandstones encountered in Heimdal plus thin oil column in Maureen (unclear whether in main hole or sidetrack). Well 9/11a-16 a Vertical Mariner appraisal well, on undrilled field Segment 8; structural nose down-dip of 9/11a-6 with prognosed oil-water contact at 4,961 ft TVDSS. Maureen sand lobe, separate from that drilled by the 9/11a-6 well, believed to be main objective. Planned TD 5,588 ft (5,412 ft TVDSS). Well abandoned tight.