Moray Firth/Witch Ground Graben
17 April 2018

Pilot hole for sub-horizontal East Rochelle gas/condensate production well. Deviated c. 2,100 ft ENE from surface location; Britannia reservoir (Lower Aptian) prognosed at 10,455–10,532 ft (9,905–9,974 ft TVDSS) with anticipated full gas column. Encountered Carrack claystones over Valhall limestones at 10,462 ft (9,854 ft TVDSS) with Britannia objective absent. Oil encountered below BCU in 50 ft high net/gross Volgian aged Claymore Sandstone at 10,613 ft (10,017 ft TVDSS) with oil-water contact at 10,662 ft (10,060 ft TVDSS). No sample recovered. Mid Volgian Piper Sandstone at 10,744 ft (10,133 ft TVDSS) was water-wet.