Moray Firth/Witch Ground Graben
17 April 2018

Buzzard appraisal on a small, independent fault block structure (CPZ) down-dip of the Buzzard Field oil-water contact (9,174 ft). Top Buzzard 4 Sandstone objective prognosed at 9,137 ft TVDSS. Top Buzzard at 9,131 ft TVDSS was 6 ft high to prognosis, but only 19.9 ft net oil pay logged down to 9,157 ft TVDSS. Porosity 26%, Sw 18%. Oil and water samples recovered. Residual oil throughout Buzzard 4, with additional minor pay in Lower Buzzard 4 from 9,288–9,364 ft TVDSS. The Buzzard 1 –3 sands water-wet.