Central Graben
17 April 2018

Komodo prospect. Large Permian dip-closure over a NE-SW trending structural ridge, but with no closure in time. Zechstein (Halibut Carbonate Formation) primary objective, with uncertain sub-crop; Auk Sandstone or Devono-Carboniferous providing secondary targets. Key risks were long-distance lateral migration from the Kimmeridge Clay kitchen and an uncertain top-seal. The main hole was junked in the Chalk, with the sidetrack encountering 27 ft of high porosity sandstone in the Valhall at 5,900 ft but with low porosities in Zechstein carbonate objectives at 5,959–6,082 ft. Low porosity undifferentiated Palaeozoic clastics subcropped the Zechstein. No significant shows or saturation reported.