Central Graben
20 April 2018

Exploration well on Avalon; Cromarty Sandstone pinch-out trap defined by amplitude and AVO anomalies. Calibrated response interpreted as oil with possible dip-closed gas caps. Prospect dips east with conformable amplitude cut-off at c. 4,643 ft TVDSS. Weak amplitude anomaly in Balmoral (Legion prospect) was a secondary target. Cromarty at 4,647 ft (4,510 ft TVDSS) had full (85 ft TVT) oil column with core porosity 32% and permeability up to 8 Darcies. MDT samples gravity 22° API and viscosity 9.5 cP. Underlying Bittern Sandstone at 4,748 ft (4,655 ft TVDSS) and Balmoral at 5,515 ft (5,349 ft TVDSS) water-wet. Well was not tested.