Central Graben
3 May 2018

Exploration pilot hole on Tonto with sandstone dyke/sill objective along western flank of Middle Eocene Grid (Brimmond) channel system, with sand injected into overlying Horda claystone. Dip-closure to east. Well deviated east from Forties Bravo on inclination of 66–68°. Thin oil-bearing injectites from 10,668 ft (6,291 ft TVDSS) with massive Brimmond Sandstone at 10,762–19,942 ft (6,327–6,397 ft TVDSS). A 160 ft (63 ft TVT) oil column developed to oil-water contact near base sand at 10,922 ft (6,390 ft TVDSS); 62 ft TVT net oil pay, porosity 35%. Oil sample recovered. Plugged back and horizontal development well 21/10-B54Z kicked off.