Central Graben
24 May 2018

Vertical HPHT exploration well on Corfe prospect. Deep tilted fault block, dipping to south with Skagerrak (Joanne/Judy) primary and Fulmar/Pentland secondary objectives. Closure at top Triassic prognosed 16,000–17,080 ft TVDSS. Fulmar Sandstone at 16,201 ft TVDSS (173 ft deep to prognosis) 58 ft gross with 20 ft net pay. Volatile oil sample recovered (GOR 2,525 scf/bbl). Average pay porosity 14.8% and Sw 30.4%. Judy Sandstone sub-cropped water-wet Pentland at 16,540 ft TVDSS (201 ft deep to prognosis), with 893 ft gross, net/gross 0.54 and no shows/saturation.