Central Graben
29 May 2018

Talbot appraisal well to evaluate SW flank of P2 closure up-dip of oil-water contact in 30/13a-9 (9,422 ft TVDSS) and acoustic impedance (Lamda*Rho) anomaly indicative of oil pay in Mey (A1) Sandstone. Main hole deviated slightly to south encountered full oil column in Mey sandstone and underlying debrites at 9,514 ft TVDSS, 117 ft deep to prognosis and below anticipated oil-water contact, with oil-down to 9,591 ft TVDSS. Well tested 1,027 bpd (41° API) oil. Sidetrack deviated down-dip to SE to evaluate extent of impedance anomaly. Full oil column in Mey from 9,732–9,795 ft TVDSS. RCX oil samples recovered.