West of Shetlands
29 June 2018

Lancaster appraisal deviated SE with planned 1,000 ft horizontal section in Lewisian fractured basement at 4,073 ft TVDSS, crossing crest of Lancaster structure and intersecting nine seismically defined fault zones. Well objectives to prove long horizontal sections could be drilled, completed and flowed with minimum losses and formation damage with well suspended as an early producer. Well encountered oil in thin Victory Sandstone at 5,408 ft (4,063 ft TVDSS). Heavily fractured basement from 5,684 ft (4,072 ft TVDSS), with significant losses totalling 28,003 barrels. Fault at 8,620 ft (4,022 ft TVDSS) throws Rona Sandstone against Lewisian. Open hole DST flowed stable 5,300 bopd 38.2° API oil.