West of Shetlands
29 June 2018

Deviated down-dip appraisal of 206/4-2 gas/condensate discovery, located on axis of expanded Spinnaker fan sandstone unit (Spinnaker prospect). Main hole suspended at 20" casing point. Re-entry abandoned above objective due to poor hole condition. Sidetrack encountered gas/condensate in basal Commodore D from 13,173 ft, with sample recovered. Spinnaker at 13,579–13,701 ft (10,954–11,077 ft TVDSS) oil-bearing, with 67 ft net pay, porosity 14% and Sw 33.3%. Light 52.3° API oil sample recovered. Black Sail secondary objective absent, but low porosity sandstones from 14,276 ft (11,651 ft TVDSS) to TD with no pay. Planned DST not conducted and well plugged.