West of Shetlands
29 June 2018

Vertical South West Clair appraisal well on tilted horst block with Lower Cretaceous K20/K30 Victory Sandstone primary and Lower Clair Group secondary objectives. Well encountered 807 ft total oil column from top Turonian (K72) Macbeth Sandstone at 6,316 ft to LKO in Clair Group at 7,123 ft, with 252 ft gross/127 ft net oil pay in Victory Sandstone from 6,677 ft. Variable oil quality, from 22.5°API in Macbeth to 14.5° API in Clair indicates reservoir segregation. Upper K30 sandstone tested maximum 950 bopd 21.8–22.5° API oil with GOR 132 scf/bbl and excellent permeability.