Viking Graben
9 November 2018

Re-drill of exploration well on Laphroaig, a N-S trending fault block, with a Tarbert objective and dip-closure to east from 12,960–13,420 ft. Original well 3/15-13A junked in Upper Cretaceous. Main hole 3/15a-16 junked in Eocene. First sidetrack drilled near-vertically to Tarbert; Brent high to prognosis with higher quality upper Tarbert T2 & T3 sands cut by fault at 13,214 ft TVDSS. Rich gas condensate proven in lower net/gross T1. Second sidetrack deviated east to test full Tarbert section down-dip. Top T3 Sand at 13,422 ft (13,170 ft TVDSS) with gas/condensate pay down to estimated gas-water contact at 13,739 ft (13,423 ft TVDSS). Samples recovered in both wells.