Viking Graben
16 November 2018

Vertical exploration well on the HPHT Aragon prospect, with an anticipated Heather Sandstone objective in pinch-out trap up-dip of short gas column seen in well 9/14a-3Z. Main hole junked and re-spudded. Well encountered hydrocarbons in unprognosed Upper Frigg injectite sandstone at 4,783–4,815 ft (4,691–4,723 ft TVDSS) which was only logged with LWD gamma/resistivity due to unstable hole; subsequently named Agar discovery. Moderate to good quality reservoir in Upper Jurassic objective from 14,154 ft (14,062 ft TVDSS) to TD was water-wet with no shows and on common pressure gradient with 9/14a-3Z. Sands dated mid Kimmeridgian to early Volgian (Lower Brae).