Moray Firth/Witch Ground Graben
16 November 2018

Wells drilled from DC2 template. Main hole deviated NE to Balloch Extension; fault block E of Balloch Field (oil in Volgian Piper Sandstone 8,100–8,335 ft; oil-water contact). Piper objective deep to prognosis at 8,310 ft TVDSS; 9 ft gross and water-wet. Well 15/20a-20Z deviated WNW to Dunglass Up-dip fault block; oil in Piper 8,117–8,163 ft TVDSS, net/gross 0.96, porosity 23%, Sw 6% (LWD). Total losses in subcropping fractured Devonian with loss of hole; no pressures/samples. Sidetrack 15/20a-20Y appraised upper reservoir units of Lower Balmoral on N flank of Dumbarton Field. Proved 32 ft pay at 6,346 ft TVDSS, with moved oil-water contact at 6,380 ft TVDSS; 30 psi pressure depletion. Well plugged to drill 15/20a-20X Balloch producer.