Central Graben
5 December 2018

Deviated appraisal on Seagull to evaluate lateral connectivity, producibility, STOIIP and recoverable volumes in Triassic Judy Sandstone. Jurassic (Pentland/Selkirk) were secondary targets. Well drilled with S-shaped profile and vertically through objectives at structural crest of Seagull faulted anticline. Main hole junked in Maureen at 10,958 ft with stuck BHA. Sidetrack Z encountered oil column in Pentland (12,767 ft TVDSS) and Judy (12,861 ft TVDSS) with oil down to base permeable reservoir at 13,796 ft TVDSS, above prognosed free water level (13,859 ft TVDSS). Well abandoned due to casing wear. Sidetrack Y also proved full oil column in Pentland (12,808 ft TVDSS) and Judy (12,910 ft TVDSS), with saturation down to prognosed free water level. PCX oil samples recovered. Well suspended and later re-entered to test Judy Sandstone.