Central Graben
5 December 2018

Deviated exploration well on Vorlich prospect. Rogaland Sandstone amplitude/AVO play in pinch-out trap down-dip of thin hydrocarbon-bearing sand (30/1c-3). Main hole junked. Re-spud tested up-dip edge of anomaly with volatile oil in massive 30 ft TVT Rogaland at 10,238 ft TVDSS with good porosity and in thin Lista sand. BHA stuck. Mechanical sidetrack Z twinned to log and run DST (2,758 bpd 41° API oil + 7.081 mmcfgpd). Sidetrack Y deviated NE to axis of Rogaland AVO anomaly. Rogaland at 10,299 ft TVDSS, 45.6 ft TVT gross with 37.2 ft TVT net pay and oil-water contact at 10,335 ft TVDSS. Separate oil column in low net/gross Lista at 10,497–10,578 ft TVDSS (oil down to). Oil samples (39–43° API) recovered from Rogaland, overlying thin Sele sand and Lista.